2015 Dedication – In Memorium and with Gratitude
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2015 Dedication – In Memorium and with Gratitude

2015 Dedication – In Memorium and with Gratitude

Stacy L. Carpenter

Our 2015 Santa at the Swampwalk event is in memorial of a very special lady, Stacy L. Carpenter, who sadly lost her battle with cancer in 2015.  Stacy was passionate about wildlife and in particular, the SwampWalk.  She was the visionary who saw the potential and the catalyst to bring George Saluto and the key people together to turn that vision into reality.  And now we all reap the reward of her efforts.  If you have ever been to the Swampwalk, or are enjoying your time with Santa at the Swampwalk, please consider making a donation in her name to help with the upkeep of the Swampwalk.  Donations can be sent to:

Town of Danvers
c/o Susan Fletcher – Swampwalk Fund
1 Sylvan Street
Danvers, MA 01923

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