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Santa will be waiting for you at the Observation Platform on the SwampWalk.


Santa will be waiting for you at one of the most unique and remote locations you’ve ever found him, the Swampwalk on the Danvers Rail Trail!


The Swampwalk is located on the segment of the Danvers Rail Trail that runs from Wenham Street in Danvers – across from the Agway – to Topsfield Road in Wenham.


We will have signage and Volunteers to guide you.

A few things of note:


    • Yeup, we are literally in a swamp. lol
    • The boardwalk is usually free of debris and ice, but if it’s snowy or icy you must use care when trekking to the Observation Deck.
    • We are in a swamp, on a boardwalk, and it’s December.  We’ve been lucky with decent weather over the years, but you need to dress warm, wear appropriate footwear, etc.
    • Dogs and kiddies have taken a step into the drink in the past.  Fortunately over ten years, it was only twice.  Mostly it’s been upon final approach to Santa, so we ask people to congregate on the larger observation deck, or hold back in the grassy areas and wait their turn.


*Everyone who comes acknowledges the risks and holds harmless the organizers, volunteers,  Lauren Poussard, Lauren Poussard Photography, Santa at the SwampWalk, the USMC, Toys for Tots, the Town of Danvers and Santa Claus!

Tread carefully on the boardwalk!*

The Blosser Family greeting Santa.
They haven’t missed a Santa At the Swampwalk Event yet!

This Parking Map is maintained by the Danvers Rail Trail – you can zoom in for more detail and information.


The easiest access is via the northern side of the Swampwalk.  It is the shortest, most direct walk.  There is a small parking lot on the northern trail access, on Topsfield Road.  Walk south a quarter of a mile, and the Swampwalk’s Northern Entrance is on your right at the Kiosk.  **Please note, there are new No Parking signs on the opposite side of the road that weren’t there before.  If the small lot is full, please park at Choate Farm.


Another option if it’s getting crowded, is to park at Choate Farm on Locust Street.  There is a path from that parking lot to the Rail Trail, and you’d take a left and walk north from that point.  You can access the Observation Platform on the SwampWalk from either the Southern or Northern entrance.  The Southern side is longer, and the side where there is more “beaver activity” leading to potential flooding of the boardwalk, so please take care!  You may have to turn back and go to the northern entrance in the end.  We will perform an “inspection” and post a “Swampwalk Status” the day before each event.