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Slide 2015 Santa At the Swampwalk Team

It takes a village to pull off even a small event such as ours, but we are always looking for helpers to ensure our event goes off without a hitch.

We need a small handful of people to do the following jobs on the day of the event:

  • Put signs and banners up along the Danvers Rail Trail all through Danvers.
  • Collect food (or cook!) donations, ie cookies, cocoa, coffee, etc, from local vendors.
  • “Man” the rail trail entrances at the Agway and Topsfield Road entrances, encourage people to visit Santa at the Swampwalk or direct our returning families.
  • “Man” the entrances and exits of the Swampwalk.
  • A couple of people are needed on the Observation Platform to assist with donations, handing out treats, etc.
  • A few extra people for “Running and Relief”.  It’s COOOLD out there and sometimes people just need a break, or sometimes we need to send messages or give things to the volunteers.

I wanna’ help!


    High School Students are especially welcome for those Community Service Hours!  Bring your paperwork for us to sign the day of the event.  We’d love to have choral, acapella or band kids be a part of the fun!


    If you love to bake cookies, we love to eat them.  We’d love to showcase your cooking talents if you have time to bake a couple of dozen cookies for our guests!


    Over the last ten years parking has gotten tighter at the route 97 entrance to the Rail Trail.  We could use a few people at the entrance to help ensure safety.

    Volunteer Info:

    • Parking is tight – if you can, carpool with others.
    • If you are bringing things, you can – very carefully and slowly – drive down the trail to the SwampWalk North Entrance and park near us.