Santa At the Swampwalk 2021 Photos Are Uploaded!
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Santa At the Swampwalk 2021 Photos Are Uploaded!

Santa at the Swampwalk 2021 Photos are Ready!

Santa At the Swampwalk 2021 Photos Are Uploaded!

I simply cannot fully express my gratitude to everyone who turned out for Santa at the Swampwalk 2021.  I was so touched by all of your kind words and so happy to see you all again after TWO years.  Having to cancel last year broke Santa and my hearts, and we know, many of yours!  Fortunately, a pandemic can’t keep us apart forever!

After a couple of days of going through them all they are now uploaded.  I took a record number of images because we had a record number of Swampwalkers!  You guys are amazing!   We don’t have many options to put Santa, so the sun gets right in your eyes as the day gets long, and I did go through them to remove the really quinty ones.

I can’t help but laugh and smile the whole time I’m going through them!

For the newbies, 100% of the proceeds from anything you order online goes to our fundraiser – in addition to the gifts and donations you made on the day.  So order lots of stuff!  🙂

Don’t we have the BEST Santa?!

Santa literally brought himself to me.  I can count on one hand how many times I have been approached randomly by a stranger who offered their assistance.  I can count on one finger how many times I  have been approached randomly by a stranger who offered their assistance – at the precise moment I needed it.

If you are a regular of Santa At The Swampwalk, then you will have met our Santas of the past.  I was a bit concerned for our last Santa’s safety, as you know, it is not a place for the mobility impaired.  I had been trying to think of who I could get who would be the perfect Santa and be a bit more agile – when I got a totally random e-mail from Santa Alan.

I was gobsmacked.  There really IS a Santa Claus!  And he read my mind!

I’m sure you will agree, he is AMAZING!  I think he actually IS Santa.  He makes the kids, makes all of us, truly feel special and the Magic of Christmas.  We are so incredibly lucky he’s offered his time to be with us!  Best present eva’!!

If you are thinking of a Santa visit for your children, family, office, then be sure to go to Santa’s website


I want to thank the Cadets of Beverly High School’s Marine Corps JrROTC for helping us out at this year’s event, and SgtMaj Ken Oswald for making that happen for us!   And I’d like to thank all the little ones who shook their hand or gave them thank you cards – that was sweet!

Thank You

You’ve heard me say it many times, but I am truly in awe of you all.  YOU make my Christmas complete.  I so enjoy seeing you each year, seeing the kids growing up, seeing all the new additions we had this year – wow!- and being apart of a family tradition I hope the kids will remember for the rest of their lives.

Next year will be our 10th (in person!) Santa At The Swampwalk and I’m already thinking about what I can do to make it super special for you.  I don’t want to rush time, but I can’t wait to see everyone again.

Thank you once again, from the bottom of my heart.

Lauren xo

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