How it Works
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How it Works

How It Works

Find Santa Walk on the Swampwalk on the Danvers Rail Trail

One of the best parts of our event is that it’s NOT at a mall! But it’s also not that obvious if you haven’t been to the RailTrail before!  Here’s a map!  Be sure to dress accordingly!

Have Photos With Santa

Be sure to tell Santa if you’ve been naught or nice, then get ready for a photo!  You are welcome to have our Marines in your photo too if you’d like!

Santa plays along

Thank A Marine

My favorite part!  Our families come back every year with hand made cards from the kiddies for our Marines!  What a great way to make them feel special for what they do for us all!

Make A Donation

Many families will make the trek to the Swampwalk with unwrapped gifts to give to our Marines.  Every gift given is immediately taken to the Marine’s Toys for Tots HQ in Burlington or taken with our SwampWalk shopping to the local Fire Department.  We also have a donation box on hand to catch the unexpecting walkers along the rail trail who stumble upon us and want to make a donation!  (Please note, you still have to pay to download the digital photos on the website.)

Our Marines 2019 Toys For Tots Photos with Santa Fundraiser

Enjoy A Snack

Thanks to local businesses, we usually have hot cocoa and cookies for you to snack on while you visit Santa.

Order Lots of Stuff

Usually, within 24 hours, the elves have processed and uploaded your photos to our website.

Every penny raised goes DIRECTLY to Toys for Tots.  We take the proceeds and go to a local toy store, most recently The Learning Express, who basically MATCHES our donation dollars so that we can double our donation!

Shopping for toys at the Learning Express in North Beverly 2015

The Elves Deliver

Finally, The SwampWalk Elves take the gifts purchased to our local fire department, usually Ladder 1 in Danvers since they let us have a little fun in one of the trucks.  heh heh.  If we have Marines on hand to take your donations made on the day,  this donation becomes our SECOND toy donation, as in this photo.  We sent a truck load of toys off with our Marines and STILL was able to purchase all those toys!  By the way, you are always welcome to shop with us and deliver the goods to the FD – it’s the best part!

Feel GOOD and tell your Friends!

Sit back and enjoy the holiday season knowing you made an amazing difference in the lives of local children.

Share your experience on social media using hashtag #SWAMPSANTA and we will feature your images in our social media feeds.

Let’s help spread the word so each year is more successful than the one before!

THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart of being a part of our crazy tradition!  It MAKES my Christmas every year, really.  Love to all! -Lauren